Entrepreneur’s day held on the 29th of August 2018 at Overport SRS Primary, is a day that revolves around excitement, hard work and professionalism for our grade 7 learners. Learners are given an opportunity to run a business for an allocated time, they are assisted by their educator with regards to planning and preparing for this event. They are given the opportunity to conduct their business individually or in groups. This allows learners to be given a chance to learn academically with regards to producing a brief business plan and advertisements, while practically about income, expenditure, profit and loss within a business. Whilst setting up, learners are encouraged to decorate their tables as tasteful presentation attracts customers, conduct themselves in a professional manner and each member of the group should be given specific responsibilities to ensure there is organization at their stall. We at Overport SRS Primary are very proud of our grade 7 learners for carrying out a pleasant and productive Entrepreneurs day!