Dear Parents/Guardians,

School Fees Update:

Our school fees for the year 2024 amount to R4000 per learner. We appreciate the prompt response from many parents who have paid 50 percent of the fees during re-registration. Additionally, those who took advantage of the early payment option have saved R500 on their fees. We thank you for your cooperation and timeliness in this matter.

Outstanding Fees:

At this juncture, we kindly remind parents that the balance of school fees is now outstanding. We urge you to make payments at your earliest convenience to ensure smooth financial operations within the school. Payments should be made directly into the school’s banking account with the following details:

Bank: FNB

Account Number: 5499 749 79 79

Atrium Code: 222826

Concessions and Exemptions:

We understand that some families may be facing financial challenges, making it difficult to meet their school fee obligations. Our school offers Concessions and Exemptions to assist parents in such situations. To apply for Concessions or Exemptions, please complete the prescribed form and submit it to the Concessions Committee of the School Governing Body (SGB).

It has come to our attention that despite available options, some parents with outstanding fees have not applied for Concessions or Exemptions. We strongly encourage these parents to take advantage of these opportunities. Please note that parents with outstanding fees at the end of May will be handed over to our attorneys for collection. Once accounts are handed over, we regret that we cannot offer further assistance, and additional charges may apply.

We appreciate your attention to these matters and your continued support in ensuring the smooth functioning of our school. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Warm regards,

Z Khan (Principal)

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