On a bright and sunny Thursday, 18th April 2024, the grounds of Overport SRS Primary School buzzed with excitement as the Grade R learners gathered for a special picnic. This wasn’t just any picnic—it was a delightful educational experience designed to deepen their understanding of the phonic “p”.


Armed with picnic blankets and baskets, our young learners turned this day into a memorable phonics lesson. The twist? Each child was encouraged to bring snacks that began with the letter ‘P’. The result was a playful assortment of ‘P’ foods that included Pepsi, Pringles chips, popcorn, pizza, pretzels, and pears. The variety not only made for a tasty treat but also reinforced their learning in the most enjoyable way possible.


The picnic also featured a creative session with play dough, where children crafted various shapes and objects that started with ‘P’. This hands-on activity was not only fun but also helped enhance their fine motor skills and creativity, all while emphasizing the sound and usage of the letter ‘P’.


This ‘P’icnic was a great success, making learning fun and effective. It’s days like these that remind us of the joy of teaching and the endless curiosity of our children. We look forward to more innovative and engaging ways to explore the wonders of the alphabet in the days to come.


Thank you to all the parents and guardians who supported this event by preparing the special ‘P’-themed snacks and to the teachers for their creativity and effort. Here’s to more phonetic fun at Overport SRS Primary School!