Physical Education often has an impact on emotional well being, which can help improve a learner’s school performance. The Overport SRS Primary School Sports Programme for 2019 is well underway. Our programme is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 14:00 pm to 15:00 pm. Learners from grade 4-7 are given a form to tick which sport they would like to part take in and then the fun begins! Our programme consists of different types of sport that cater for the interest of every learner in our school. The following are the types of Sport offered: Soccer, cricket, tennis, volleyball, netball, dance class, pool, karate, board games, basketball and computers. Playing sports with classmates can motivate and assist learners boost their confidence, as they can engage in friendly competition and form new friendship groups by working with a new group of peers. The importance of sport and games in a school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. It teaches learners life skills such as teamwork, leadership and patience. Remember great opportunities come to those who make the most of the small ones!