Sports plays an important role in the education of our learners. Sports helps shape the character of a person. It teaches sportsmanship, team spirit and discipline.
Our Annual Preschool Sports was held on Saturday 17 August 2019.
The day started off with a prayer by GrR learner Anelisa , followed by a lovely rendition of the National Anthem by Mrs Makhoba and everyone present.
Mrs F Variawa welcomed our guests to this exciting event.
Our Sports began with  a  March past by our learners from the littlest Gr00 learners to our Gr R learners dressed in the colour of their houses- Ladybirds(red), Butterflies( blue) , Grasshoppers(green) and Bees ? (yellow).
Our learners participated in the following races- flat race, sack race, hurdles, egg and spoon, Fill the basket and bike race.

Mrs Variawa proposed a vote of thanks to the assembly of guests, parents, facilitators and learners.She thanked all the teachers for their cooperation and support and the parents for their attendance in making this event successful.
There was an impressive participation in the races organised for the parents and grandparents.
All the participants were rewarded with medals.
The Preschool Sports was a wonderful event which was enjoyed by all.

The day was filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm, excitement, fun and memories to cherish.