I have had the privilege and honour of seeing the decades of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and the turn of the century.  I have seen the transition from apartheid into democracy and I have the seen the transition from slow mail to email and I have seen the transition of the learning through chalk and talk and now, to the use of technology in teaching.  Therefore it is with some degree of accuracy, that I can predict where the future of the nature of education is heading.

The way young people learn, has changed drastically from the 80s to present.  Children do not want to hear about things, they want to see, hear and do, and this is of course the best way, and technology has made it easier for educators to achieve their goals.

Besides focusing on making computers and the internet available to every educator in every class as a Teaching and Learning Tool, our attention has been focused on creating this website which is meant to be amongst other things, a documentary and historical recording of events and activities of our school as we progress from one level to the next in our pursuit of excellence.

This website was created with some of the following objectives;

  • To have a historical record of activities
  • To keep parents informed of the school’s activities
  • To interact with parents, stakeholders and the public at large
  • To allow learners to express themselves about the way they learn
  • To provide motivation for learners to aspire to greater heights and be acknowledged in the public domain
  • To provide learners with resource material during examination periods, with a database of past examination papers/ assessments
  • To be a pioneering school in the use of technology and social media to improve learning and improve communication amongst all stakeholders

It is therefore my honor and privilege to launch this website in the hope that those that come after me will continue to develop and improve what has its humble beginnings in these pages.

I want to thank our current school governing body for having  faith and sharing in our vision, enough to fund this important part of our numerous structures.  I also want to thank the hard working people behind the scenes who make this possible, in particular Mr D.R. Sewsunker who

initially brainstormed the project, and currently Ms S. Naidoo and her team who work tirelessly to keep the website updated with new and fresh content.

It is also hoped that our learners and parents will visit the site as often as possible and click the “like” button and share in all forms of social media, thus allowing us to create an advertising platform in the near future so that this site may generate income from advertising and thus sustain itself in the coming years.

Z. Khan
PRINCIPAL: 2008 TO PRESENT (B.Paed, BED, BA Honours)

  • Commenced teaching in 1986 in Wood Hope Secondary in Port Elizabeth, Taught Matric English at Earlington Secondary.
  • Has been an Art and English specialist for many years.
  • Transferred to Overport SRS in 1992 as level 1 educator.
  • Received a Merit Award for outstanding performance in 1995
  • Promoted to H.O.D. in 2001 and then Principal in 2008.
  • My goal is to leave a legacy not just a vacancy, with fully empowered members of management and staff to sustain our growth.