The management and staff of Overport SRS Primary are honored to welcome you back to another exciting and productive school year. We continue to focus on providing the highest quality of education for each and every child. We are dedicated to the development of values, skills, and knowledge through meaningful and challenging education.

The first day of school is a daunting one most especially for new learners. School will be reopening this Wednesday, (9th January 2018). The following are a few reminders about the upcoming year:
• Make sure that your child is in readiness for his or her first day of school, in full correct school uniform, neccessary stationary (stationary list provided per grade), no fancy haircuts or hairstyles.
• School starts promply at 7.45am. Returning learners will report to their assembly lines. Grade 1 and new learners will be advised where to wait to be placed in their new classes. Grade 1 to grade 7 finish school at 2pm. Please make the necessary transport arrangements.
• Learners should have a tag on their bag as well as in their message book with emergency contact details.
• To those parents who have not registered please do so on Monday 07/01/2019 or you risk losing your space at the school.
• Learners ready to enter Grade 1 please register by latest Tuesday 08/01/2019.
• 2019 school fees are R2700.

We look forward to welcoming our learners for a fantastic year ahead.