Tips for parents. Its close to that time of the term were everyone’s stressing about tests/exams. It is especially stressful for learners and they usually need extra nurturing, comfort and understanding from their parents/guardians.

1. Parents need to encourage their children to talk about how they feel and listen to them with empathy. Help your children to understand that talking about how they feel allows them to manage those feelings.
2. Motivate them to always give off their best and create a positive environment for them at home.

3. Provide them with positive feedback as this will motivate them to feel confident in approaching assessments.

4. Help them to maintain a balanced routine between studying and resting.

5. Ensure that your child eats nutritious foods at regular intervals.

6. A good nights sleep before an exam is crucial, allow them to take a break from studying 1 hour before their bedtime as this will help ease their minds.

Written by Mrs N Hoosen, Grade 4 educator.